Another reason to pick hard is that all those nagging realities will not go away just because you pick easy. Tackling big things, uncomfortable conversations, things you might (or probably will) fail at, is really hard. That’s the point. But every time you fall you are learning how to pick yourself back up.

This advice is along the same lines as Steve Job’s advice of “remembering you are going to die” as a key driver for action. If you get good at selecting “hard” you will be rewarded with accelerated learning more often than not. In life you are pot committed whether you like it or not, so get comfortable going all in on as many hands as you need to.

Another post inspired by Aaron Swartz, which I’ve sent to a couple of people this weekend already.

I’m lucky to know Andrei. He’s a relatively young guy who is playing everything on hard — because he wants to accomplish something that is actually “nightmare" level difficulty.

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