Chili can be made with all sorts of meat cuts, so I thought I'd try it with a piece of beef heart.

(This is not really a recipe, just another dinner log with a few notes)

Only now as I'm looking it up do I see that beef heart chili has lots of recipe results:

I cubed the heart in 1cm pieces and then broiled it in a cast iron pan with some cumin, salt, pepper, and chili powder.

The rest of the ingredients were onions, garlic, tomatillos, celery, and black beans. Then I chopped up a couple of pounds of Roma tomatoes.

I also chopped three green peppers which were also broiled in the iron pan.

Once everything was mixed together, I put the whole pot in the oven for a couple of hours so the tomatoes could melt.

I ended up adding a bit of vegetable broth at the end to make it a big more liquid.

With the chili, I made Fried Bake, which is a Trinidadian basic fried dough recipe.

I used this recipe --

Rachael remembers her childhood version of this recipe being baked, not fried, so I tried it a bit differently.

I put a coating of oil in a cast iron pan and let it heat. I spread the dough out by hand so it would fit into the pan -- it was about 3cm thick.

I put the dough in the pan and made sure to lever up the edges and move it around so it wouldn't stick.

I flipped it once the bottom was brown. I could have probably done with lowering the heat under the pan more.

Then I put it in the oven, newly flipped side down, at 350 degrees. It cooked for about 20min and was crispy and golden brown. I patted off the oil and cut it into chunks to est with the chili.

The dough did puff up and was nice and airy, with a crunchy crust. I could see adding a bit of salt to the oil to get a salty crust.