October 10, 2014

Dinner at Gyoza Bar

Gyoza Bar

We tried out Gyoza Bar, although we were mainly in the mood for ramen.

It's quit clubby, with serving staff that are a little too familiar and a little too attentive. And not in the "we are a busy ramen shop and people are waiting" that I'm used to.

The Teppan Gyoza were really tasty, and priced right. The drinking Shochu was great and well priced. The ramen is over-priced, and the terribleness of the chazu means I won't have the tonkotsu again.

The cocktails and mix drinks are interesting, and seem to be more of a focus than the food.

There are actually aren't that many types of Gyoza.

Rachael had a non-alcoholic Basil Grapefruit smash. Tasty, but lots of ice. I had a small glass of Shochu with grapefruit juice on the side. I liked it, and I like the different liqueurs with fruit juice on the side.

The Teppan Gyoza. Very tasty, and the dipping sauces -- sweet / umami on the left, garlic / spicy on the right -- were very good.

The tonkotsu ramen. Broth: good, 4/5. Noodles: good, noticeable al dente chew. 4/5. Chazu pork: terrible, maybe 1.5/5 at best. Thin and gristly.