April 17, 2015

Dinner at Sai Woo

Sai Woo

First time at the new restaurant that took over the old New Town space. They cleaned out 30 years of grime and made a lovely room.

View from the front windows looking into the restaurant.

Salt cod fritters with lemon aioli. Tasty appie.

Kale salad with seared tuna and tea smoked egg. Egg had a gushing yolk. Whole dish was awesome.

Veggie of the day -- bok choi with garlic and chillies. A bit small for the price.

Cheek to cheek -- agnolotti stuffed with fresh peas with guanciale and more fresh peas in a ham broth. Very excellent.

House made almond tofu with shiso lead and a sweet syrup. Needed more syrup.

Cocktail menu

Sai woo sour. A sour made with Bombay Sapphire gin. I wasn't expecting the gin, and it didn't really work for me.

Tequila guava cocktail. Better. Refreshing.