We wandered our East Van neighbourhood today and decided to try Scandalicious on Victoria just south of Powell Street.
It is a Norwegian cafe that specializes in waffles. They also have a location on Commercial Drive and a food truck.
As well as waffles, the Dockside location we went to has breakfast, sandwiches, a bakery (bread, buns, and sweets -- with gluten free options), and a bunch of lunch specials.
Rachael had the Apple-pieful waffles.
I had the bacon burger, which was covered with a spicy dark chocolate sauce, half fries and half salad.
I had a coffee as well -- just a straight up Americano -- and it was well done.
We also picked up a loaf of rye broad to take home. The bread is cheap -- the rye loaf was just $3.
We'll have to come back for the Norwegian meatballs with lingonberries.